The “I Am UU” Project is devoted to helping start conversations about Unitarian Universalism, our Principles, our reliance on many sources of wisdom, and our desire to make the world a better place. Our mission, in its shortest form, is to help people proudly say “I Am UU” every day.

This is not a project of the UUA, and is not sponsored, funded, or edited by the UUA or any member congregation. This is a lay-lead project attempting to energize Unitarian Universalist to not only affirm the 7 Principles in their lives, but to actively promote them in our communities as a way to make the world a better place. We do not represent any congregation, nor do we pretend to speak for every UU. (Who could?)

This is a place to discuss the unique topic of UU Evangelism; talking openly and honestly about what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist. We can reach out and share our 7 principles in any situation, and to any person, regardless of their politics, lifestyle, or philosophies. We don’t need them to be like us; we only ask them to want to make a positive difference in the lives they touch.

We practice what we call the “free keyboard and the free monitor”; no one is required to agree with everything we post, and you are absolutely allowed to discuss your views respectfully in the comments. Our goal is to start conversations, and our volunteers don’t always agree on the items posted, either, but we think they deserve consideration.

The primary focus is social media, where we share quotes, links, and shareable images. We invite conversation and we try to help congregations and UU groups to reach more people with their social media.

We also offer real-world merchandise via Cafe Press, to help spark conversations while at the store, the library, at work or on campus.

We are working on expanding our offerings by building a website and other new media projects. We post regular updates about what we are trying to build, and we welcome comments, both encouraging and constructive as long as they are polite.

Terms of use for images we publish can be found under the “Who We Are” menu, on the “Original Image Use” page.

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