Grassroots and Crowdfunded

The I Am UU project is run by a religious educator with a little help from his wife and a couple of friends.  Thomas is not employed by the UUA, nor does the UUA sponsor this ministry. Thomas started this project out-of-pocket and then crowdfunded expansions and operating costs from the people who appreciate what he creates, much like a congregation (or NPR). This is still our model!

We are proud to be a grass-roots campaign to share Unitarian Universalism and make it easier to understand our goals and values. Thousands of individual UUs comment and share to build our reach; we almost never pay for advertising. While many congregations also share our posts from time to time, they do so because the posts ring true and not because of any presumed authority behind them.

And we are Crowd-funded though a variety of channels. People choose to support this ministry, and only give what they choose to share. We are proud that we’ve kept our website on-line and our computers up-to-date primarily on the strength and value of our message and messaging, though we do also offer some designs on things like t-shirts and coffee mugs.

If you are able and willing to help, here are some of the best and most straight-forward options:

Supporting Thomas on Patreon means that on top of making this ministry possible, you get extra affirmations, ideas to ponder, and (at higher levels of support) even worship-ready elements like prayers or pre-reccorded stories! This is a monthly commitment, which we realize isn’t for everyone. (We’ll update this when the annual sign-up option becomes available to us!)

If you want to make a one-time gift, then Ko-fi is the preferred platform. A sort of digital tip jar, Ko-fi lets you send an amount of your choosing.

Or, you can buy items from our RedBubble Shop, which doesn’t make a lot of profit for us, but certainly helps spread Unitarian Universalism, and that is its own benefit!

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