A Tiny Splash Ripples to the Horizon

I wasn’t sure what this week’s Monday Meditation was going to be. I wasn’t even sure there would be one (more on that at the bottom of the page). It is Sunday night and I now see what I have to write about. And I hope you all aren’t sick of it yet.

This afternoon I posted on my personal Facebook about my Church day:

Things I ? about being UU:
Sermon on theology.
Potluck after the service.
Tarot readings after the potluck.

With all I do to promote Unitarian Universalism and all the time I spend trying to figure out how to reach more people, I had 3 of my own friends ask me about my church because of this simple post; a post that portrays a fairly normal Sunday in many UU churches.

Just letting people know what Unitarian Universalism is and what it means to us can be the single most important form of outreach. Something that seems simple and commonplace to you may be the exact thing someone else has been looking for in a church. Making it known that your church is a community where you are accepted, encouraged, and exposed to ideas could help a friend find their own acceptance and encouragement.

Small actions can have surprising effects. Making sure that we share the things that matter to us, the things that bring us joy or peace, can help bring more of those good things into the world.

Every pebble that makes a splash creates ripples that spread. Taking a minute to share your good news about your spiritual community could change someone’s world. Eventually, that changes the whole world.

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