When Faith is Unsatisfying

I always had questions about religion, even as a young girl, which no one could answer and I was just told to have faith. That seemed empty, even as a child. I believe in something bigger than me because of my life experiences, but I can’t implore others to believe based on those experiences. I do, however, love sharing my experiences with others as a reason I believe.

I feel welcome asking my unanswerable questions in my UU congregation. And I have felt love, generosity, kindness, and compassion that I have never felt in the churches of my past.

I am grateful to be able to search and question, love and serve as a UU.

                                                                ~ Rachel Bauer

Rachel shared these thoughts in a comment to the image we posted this morning. We wanted to share it with you all, as a reminder that the life-long UUs are in the minority. Faith can be a scary concept; when people have doubts, they should be free to express them. When people have questions, we should seek an honest answer, even when that answer is “we don’t know”. We welcome that as a responsible search for truth and meaning.

There are a lot of people in your community looking for an accepting and loving liberal religious community, and they need you to let them know where to find it.

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