Life Isn’t Fair (At Least, Not Yet)

Life is not fair.

From a human perspective, the universe isn’t fair; if there is a karmic force in the Universe that balances things out, it is unintelligible to the human mind.

One very important side effect of this is that one can try hard, learn well, and achieve all that is within their control and still fail to reach their aspirations. One can do nothing wrong and still not reach exceptional levels of wealth or status. This is unfair, but fairness is not inherent to the Universe.

That does not mean that humanity must accept unfairness as inescapable. Shoes are not inherent to the universe. Radio waves did not originate with our ability to utilize them to transmit messages. When people fall ill, it is “unnatural” to help them heal with medicine, but humanity has never settled for the inherent condition of the Universe. We find ways to overcome and to progress.

What we have done with illness, we can do with injustice and inequality. We can work to alleviate them and uphold Justice and Equity and Compassion. Our efforts can establish a different base-line of inclusion and civil rights, just as we have raised life expectancy. We build legal and judicial systems, just as we’ve built hospitals and medical schools and sanitation systems. Humanity can, and has, made the world more fair, more democratic, and kinder, even though those concepts do not come in any physical form in nature.

We can create Justice

We know that it is possible to create Compassion, Justice, and Equality by building them into our communities. Because so many creatures, not just humans, do live in community, we know that these things exist, and that they are bigger than Humanity itself. We know that community makes us each healthier. We know that diversity makes us better able to adapt and innovate. It takes effort to come to terms with one another and see that each person has their needs met in a way that does not demand too much of anyone else. It is worth making that effort, though, because the entire span of human history shows us that we are better when we act in community.

Justice, equity, and democracy are not inevitable. The Human race is capable of mitigating the unfairness. Human history has moved, however slowly and unsteadily, towards inclusion and fairness. That trend exists because most people understand the benefits to us all. Building up our communities, making them more just and compassionate, is a worthy goal.

That is our mission. Unitarian Universalism teaches that this is holy work. We must better ourselves, to grow in spirit and in devotion. Spirit, which empowers and guides us, and devotion to this important, if tiring, work. We must, because human minds, hands, and hearts are the best tools we know of to build institutions that will ensure Justice and Equality exist and endure. We must create bodies for these concepts, because we need for them to exist, and they only exist when created in community.

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