Monday Meditation: The Congregation is a living library

There are hundreds of Unitarian Universalist sermons online, and dozens more each week, in text and video. There are chat rooms and message boards for every possible subject, whether it should be discussed or not. There are book clubs, service fraternities, and political action groups aplenty.

What Unitarian Universalist congregations have that is truly special are our people and what we share. Our commitment to encourage spiritual growth and our tradition of lifelong religious education and supplying resources for seekers gives us a place in the world that may not be available anywhere else in your city. When we do those well, we provide our cities, and especially our fellow UUs, with tools that are much harder to come by than academics or treatises. Every congregation is like a living library on what it means to be human.

Each one is a web of relationships between the young and the old, the recent and the established, the artist and the scientist, the corporate manager and the self-employed. The more diverse, the more varied and valuable the stories and the relationships. Every person in a congregation contributes their own history and perspective on the human condition, and sharing that in those relationships tells each story in a different way. That means that even the smallest congregations are whole libraries dedicated to teaching us about what it means to be human.

Sharing ourselves with love, respect, and trust makes a UU congregation a special place. Sharing yourself with love, respect, and trust makes you an invaluable part of your congregation.

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