Monday Mediation: Free Faith, Some Assembly Required

Unitarian Universalism has a core. The five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion provide a stable and lasting foundation on which we each build our own spiritual life. Within the wide boundaries of the 7 Principles our congregations have agreed to, there is a lot of room to build your personal theology.

It is up to you, ultimately, to build things; to build relationships with the community and the divine. Unitarian Universalism provides a wide range of materials to choose from when constructing your faith, and also in what words and symbols with which to decorate it. It can be wide and encompassing, tall and aspirational, or deep and introspective in almost any proportions. It need not look like the theology of the person in the pew next to you, and indeed, there must be variations if it is truly your own.

What we offer is freedom, but that freedom is necessarily coupled to responsibility. We offer encouragement, but always towards growth, even when it makes you uncomfortable. In short, being a Unitarian Universalist takes work. We don’t hand you answers; we love asking the questions, and then walking together as we each find our answers, searching for truth and meaning together. To choose to be part of a Unitarian Universalist community is to choose to take responsibility for your own development, and to aid others as they do the same. While we are all on our own journey, we never have to travel alone.

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