Monday Meditation: Every Moment a New Beginning

Today is the first Monday of the new year in the common calendar. Not everyone is spiritually or culturally aligned that way, and that’s completely fine. In the grand scheme, it is a fair arbitrary designation, and one that no one should feel bound to if it doesn’t feel right.

The fact is that every day is a new day, and every single moment is an opportunity. If you’ve made a mistake, the very next minute gives you a chance to recognize how you wish you had acted and to resolve to do that in the future. Every time you flub a resolution, remember that you can resolve again that same day and get back on track.

Our commitment to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person means that we recognize your ability to make different choices today than yesterday, and that no matter how bad those choices were, you can turn your life around. And we take on the obligation to encourage you in doing so. Part of that encouragement, then, has to be reminding you of your own worth and dignity, and helping you want to realize your personal best. We hope you will do the same for us as you are able.

If you try things occasionally, you will fail some of the time. That is part of the learning process. That is part of growth. Resolve that you will learn from your mistakes this year rather than running from them, and know that Unitarian Universalism accepts you, just as you are, and Unitarian Universalism will be here to help you make a new beginning, no matter how large or small.

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