Monday Meditation: Love changes us

Love changes us. You cannot love or be loved and not be changed by it. There are physiological and chemical reactions in the human body. It is part of why sharing love is so scary. We are called to share love, though. It is part of being human.

Rev. Lon Ray Call said,

Prayer does not change things; prayer changes people, and people change things.

Allowing yourself to feel changes you, connects you more deeply to a time and a situation. It focuses your mind on something in the world and etches thoughts and memories on your sense of self. In that way, allowing yourself to feel deeply is an act of prayer, changing who you are; you can choose to seek out those emotions that change you for the better.

Compassion is a choice to allow yourself to feel for another person: Take that risk, because even though people do get hurt, the world has never been worse off because someone cared or was cared for.

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