You Define Yourself

You are a person, with the same inherent worth and dignity as any other. You are not defined by the things that have happened to you, but by how you have reacted to them and how you have treated the world and the people around you. Your worth is not set by the amount of money your parents had, or how much you have earned, or how much you have made for others. Your dignity is not changed by the times you have been a victim or by the circumstances of your birth and it is not erased by your actions in the past or your values in the present. You define yourself, and you are who you choose to be. When you choose to use whatever resources you have to make the world a nicer, cleaner, or more just place, you are a good person.

Choose to be a good person today; choose to be a good person tomorrow. If you fail one day, get up the next and remember that you still have that choice and choose to be good to the best of your ability.

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