Monday Meditation: Lent and Movement Making

We are marking the tradition of Lent this year using the calendar created by Barb Greve (et al) for Unitarian Universalist reflection. It features 47 words to reflect on each day of Lent, including the 7 Sundays when we are challenged to not only reflect, but act on the day’s theme.

The idea is not to make a huge sacrifice, though some choose to honor that tradition as well, but to focus on these concepts as ways to connect to the world and appreciate our place in it. Taking the time to do so is still a form of sacrifice and self-discipline, though, and we encourage you to consider participating in a sense of shared commitment, though we make no demands on members of the I Am UU community aside from civility, honesty, and best intention. Unitarian Universalism is focused on long-term goals, and not belief or immediate action. We, at the I Am UU project, think that this Lenten practice could help many of us in moving towards those goals, even as we understand that the observance isn’t right for everyone.

The idea is that by participating in something bigger than your congregation, bigger than your cluster or district, we can feel more connected to this movement of ours, which is not something we are often encouraged to do by our few traditions. While the congregation remains the elemental level of participation, essential for all else in our association and movement, it is vital the we build upon it to work across borders, be they theological or political, to create the beloved community together.

So far we have contemplated Mindfulness (which we covered unofficially on the Facebook page), Devotion, Quiet, Humility, Love (the first Sunday word), and today we reflect on Difference.

Please join UUs across the continent in sharing your reflections on your own Facebook, blog, or other media, and feel free to share on our page, as well.

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