SWC: Which Principle Would Change The World?

Welcome to another Saturday and a new writing challenge. Please remember that your answers can be posted here, on Facebook, or even on your own blog, but we’d really appreciate a link from here or our Facebook page and a link back to here, so that people can get in on whatever conversation we can start up.

Last week, we had some amazing discussion here on the blog and over on Facebook. It was pretty controversial, and yet there was a general consensus that a name change would be a bad idea, either because it would be confusing, it would be hard to find anything more fitting for our diverse movement, or because we would lose part of our connection to our theological heritage. One argument that we never accept here at I Am UU is “That is the way we’ve always done it,” but there were plenty of other reasons people gave for thinking that this wasn’t the time to make such a change.

Furthering the discussion of change, let’s ask how our religious movement might change the world:

Which of the 7 Principles, if a majority of people committed to it, do you think would change the world the most?
Do you think we’d benefit most from a real push for universal justice, or are you worried about the fragility of the web of existence? Is it possible that the world-wide spread of the democratic process could be troubling? Or that Worth and Dignity could go too far? What are the possible implications of one of the Principles of the UUA reaching the majority, and would it be different if it were all alone in getting there than if they spread as a set of guidelines?

We apologize in advance for any delays in moderating comments from new participants. Today is our administrator’s birthday.

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