UU Saturday Writing Challenge

This week, I wanted to present another writing challenge. This time, I want to focus on what we stand for, in a positive way. It is easy for us to be caught up in the anger and frustration over how slowly the world is moving towards real universal justice and compassion, and we understand that. We still need to be aware that our movement is not defined b what it is against. So, this weekend, we want you to write an elevator speech, an explanation of what Unitarian Universalism is, or what it means to you, in all positive statement. Avoid the word “Not” or any contraction containing “n’t” in your description. Focus on what we are for, and leave out what we are against.

The idea is that we want people to see us as a positive force in the world. We want people to join us and be with us, and not just against some other thing. Most importantly, we want to have a mission that extends beyond any one goal. If our mission is to slay some dragon of injustice, then we have to about redefining ourselves once it is dispatched. We need to be more than a series of social justice causes.

We’d love for you to share your writing as a post on your Facebook, and if you tag it with @I Am UU, we’ll be able to see it. You are also encouraged to write it out here, in case you don’t want to share it on Facebook, or your privacy settings might prevent us from seeing it. So, leave your paragraph in the comments below!

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