Who is a Unitarian Universalist?

As a religious professional and an aspiring religious educator (how far I am from that goal varies wildly depending on who is asked), I talk a lot about what Unitarian Universalism means to me and what it is at it’s best.

And I get a LOT of disagreement.

I get a lot of people who think I am wrong about what we, as a movement, ought to be aiming for. The UUA board has gotten hate mail about me… and that’s ok. Because it is not up to me to decide who is and is not a UU. Since being a UU is defined by our relationships and whether you are in covenant with a UU congregation, I do not determine if anyone is a UU or not. Membership is a congregational issue, and decided locally.

What makes one a Unitarian Universalist is a commitment, to live into our Principles, and support the mission as you are able. The only true measure of that is whether or not you share a covenant with a Unitarian Universalist congregation. If you are held as a member in good standing, then no matter how much you and I disagree, we are each working to be our best selves and towards Beloved Community.

There is no simple test of faith, no creed to recite. What makes one a UU is a commitment to working together for a more just and compassionate world and to continued spiritual growth. Everything else is details.

So, while I can (and will) talk about what advances those goals, I am not the arbitrator of who is doing the work or how it gets done across the continent. That is the joy of a covenantal religion.

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