Invitation for Growth

We’ve said before that Unitarian Universalism isn’t going to appeal to everyone. They may decide that they need more direction, fewer options, or just a different style of worship than the local congregation favors. Many people, though, are looking for what we have. We’ve also written that UUs have a responsibility to get our message out, and let people chose for themselves, because what we have is good, and it has helped a lot of people. We cannot know unless we talk to the people in our lives. We may be what they need.

There are people who want the same things we want for the world, and they might feel alone or discouraged.

What many are looking for is community, encouragement, and hope. Some need mental or ethical stimulation. Others might enjoy the music or ritual. They might be looking for religion when they show up, but one that is liberal, offering them a chance to explore theology, philosophy, and morality safely and a part of a community. Many people are looking for a faith that allows them to be honest about who they are as a heretic, a doubter, or maybe just a hippie. We have all of that, and more.

They would love to know that there are people already working for the beloved community.

If we believe that Unitarian Universalism is good, then it would be wrong and selfish not to invite people to explore it. Not to coerce or convert them, but to offer them the chance to be changed through encouragement and love.

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