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Today we are offering up a couple of versions of flyer we have created to share with your community. They mimic the classic “take a number” flyers so popular in coffee shops, book stores, and campuses. We encourage you to put your website or Facebook address on the back, so that people actually taking a slip have that information. The square QR code can be read by a smart phone or table and takes the person to our “Are You a UU” page here on the site, which has a link to the UUA’s Congregation finder. There is also room next to the QR code for you to put your contact information on the front, if you choose. Click on the image to get the full-sized file, and edit as you see fit, but please leave our URL on the bottom.

While these tools are free to download and use, we are trying something new in asking people to pay whatever they believe is a fair price for the work. We are suggesting $1 per 100 members of your congregation. You can send money quickly and safely with our account page.

If you need help customizing it, please send an email.

This is the front of the flyer with the logo in eye-catching color:

Free Blessings IAmUU color


This is the flyer with the black and white version of the I Am UU logo:Free Blessings IAmUU BW

Finally, a blank template for the back, so that you can add your website address or phone number:Free Blessings back blank

The I Am UU project is a ministry that provides free tools for sharing Unitarian Universalism and liberal religion with the world. We can only do so because of the support of our community. If you’d like to help in making this possible, please check out the Patreon campaign and let us know what you think of our goals!

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