We have the best online community in Unitarian Universalism!

Ok, maybe we’re tied with the Church of the Larger Fellowship; their community is, well, larger, and they’ve been doing this longer. We still think you all are great, and we are proud that we can help you share your faith.

You all are amazing. We have almost 3,000 likes on Facebook, with a real chance at getting there by May 1st. We could use a little more help, so please come by the page and click around to help convince Facebook to show our posts to more people. It also helps when things get shared, and of course when people invite their friends to like the page. I have been rehearsing for the video I promised, and it would be disappointing to have to put it off for another exciting goal.

Let me also thank everyone who shared the link to our Patreon campaign (Explained Here). We’re a week in, and we’ve got $31 a month pledged to support our work, plus a couple of people who’ve used Square to send one-time gifts. (We are including those people in the Chalica card list, too!) Even for those who haven’t made a pledge (yet), but helped us get the word out, thank you so much. We need that kind of exposure, because this is a new idea, and we need to normalize it for people. We need to convince them that valuable content deserves to be funded, even if it is being given away for free, which is what our congregations are already doing. We are just bringing the model into the new century.

Thank you all for being part of our push to shape liberal religion for the future, and to share our message of love and acceptance with the world. You are the reason we do this, and we really appreciate all the love you’ve shown us.

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