Can We Keep I Am UU On-line?

Free Crop unrecognizable male attaching colorful memo papers with thumbtacks to cork bulletin board hanging on white wall in office Stock PhotoWhat is Social Media without artists and authors?

Imagine having a radio with no stations to tune into. Or a bulletin board that was just cork and a nice border. Imagine Facebook, but without the creators, authors, and artists who actually make all the memes, art, and videos…

Facebook is a platform for sharing content. It relies on people like our admin, Thomas and the I Am UU page to make things so that is it worth visiting the site. Without the pages making content, Facebook is a blank high-tech bulletin board. And it sells advertising based on the value of that content. And it shares none of that revenue with the creators. Creators are left trying to sell t-shirts, writing whole books, or just asking for tips directly from their audience…

Beyond social media, the work of the I Am UU Project have been added to congregational websites, newsletters, and even read from the pulpit, and our mission is best served by being able to give all of this away freely; some of the people who need it most haven’t heard of Unitarian Universalism yet! Sure, we have t-shirts, but they are a byproduct and not where we want to focus out energy. It matters that what we publish online can be shared freely, but that comes at the expense of being able to charge for access. We can’t monetize our primary product or it becomes less useful for fulfilling our mission.

So, if you value what you see on the I Am UU page, we need your help to keep making it. We need you to uphold the worth and dignity of the talent behind this work and pledge a small amount to keep us going. Right now, we are struggling just to keep our website online and computer updated. We’re asking you if what we do has value, and if so, then we need you to invest in us.

The page has 12,400 followers. If we got just 25¢ per follower each month, we would be financially stable and able to produce UU content full-time. We would be able to provide memes, thoughtful commentary, and even materials designed for inclusion in your newsletter, website, or even worship. You also help Thomas to volunteer with the UUA, with congregations and clusters doing workshops and trainings, and to do liberal religious outreach and ministry in the college town where they live.

We use Ko-fi as a digital tip jar, and we have a Patreon account, but we are re-thinking how we will use it. We think there might be some interest in having a recorded sermon and/or a prompt for small-group discussion posted monthly for those who subscribe at a certain level, and we would love to hear from you about those ideas! You can also purchase items like those seen here on our Redbubble shop:

Thank you so much for visiting our website. Please look around and see the hours and hours of work that have gone into writing and designing tools to share our faith with the world. It would mean a lot if you found something to share with your friends and family or your congregation!

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