Facebook is down, and it’s a surprisingly real problem…

Facebook is down, and for most of our audience, that means they won’t know we posted this. We’ve asked people to subscribe to the blog by email and we encourage people to follow us on Twitter and/or Tumblr. We do that because we are all far too reliant on Facebook and it’s whims.

I post about social justice. That means that I will upset people, and they will try to get me shut down. It has happened, and it may eventually work.

Facebook is a tool, and one we don’t control as users. We will continue to use it, because it reaches people. We do not trust it, and we ask you not to, either.

And, in order to have this site, to keep creating content, and to keep up with all the changes companies keep making to social media platforms, all takes time and money, so please consider supporting us with a financial gift!

I’ll post this to the Group sometime after Facebook comes back online. I hope it inspires more people to use the subscribe link:

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