Goals and Resolutions: Plans for 2015

The following are resolutions for the I Am UU project for the year 2015. They will be broken down into 3 categories: Goals (concrete things we have some control over and expect to make happen), Aspirations (ongoing things we have some control over and hope to change), and Hopes (things we don’t really have control over, but can do with the right support). These resolutions encompass the whole project, as it is and as we think it can be at the end of this year, and all of our channels of communication.

I want to break character for a minute to give you all a fair picture of how these resolutions were chosen, and why, though they are simple, they represent a lot of effort and commitment. I say “break character” because the writing about the project is usually meant to speak to the community, and about all the people who make it possible to produce the writing, images, and the research that we share daily. When writing, I usually say “we”.

There are people who proofread and edit things. This site is hosted by another volunteer who installed it on his server. The meager cost of running the page as it has been are now being paid by supporters who want us to be able to continue offering free support to evangelical Unitarian Universalists and congregations.

The fact is, though, that 90% of the actual work is being done by one person. While I normally post about this work as “we”, because I could not do it without the support listed above, it falls to me to do almost all of it. And I do it all for free, currently, working 40 hours a week because you all have shown me that this work is important. With that in mind, this is a short list, but it sets the bar high. With that in mind, here are the things the I Am UU project will be changing in 2015.


  • Fill out the website with more information for seekers and for those who are looking to share Unitarian Universalism in their own lives.
  • Moving most of the posts that normally go on Facebook with a “See more” link to the blog; if people are going to have to click something to read the post, we might as well ask them to come here to do it.
  • A blog post every week, even it if is sometimes just a paragraph or two.
  • Better resources to educate the folks doing congregational social media and communications on best practices and how they might think about the Principles while doing this work.
  • Reorganizing the Cafe Press shop to be more user-friendly


  • Better networking with other content creators, bloggers, and consultants.
  • Being more aware of how language affects people. I will continue writing with some religious language, but we will show more sympathy for those who are troubled by it, because it is more important to us that they hear the real message than that they simply tolerate the word choice.
  • Doing more to connect with the congregations that regularly share our work.


  • Reaching 5,000 Facebook fans by my birthday in early May (Ambitious, but I believe in this community).
  • Continuing to build our Patreon Support so that we can grow the project into a more professional and helpful resource.
  • Turning the website into a community space, where people don’t just make comments but have conversations and get to know one another.
  • Having more bloggers contribute to the website to improve the diversity of views and the quality of the resources.
  • Raising money to pay myself. I’ve been told that I should do more to honor my own worth and dignity. I’ve been told that I should use this experience to “get a real job”. I love this work, but I need to ask if it has real value to you and your vision for Unitarian Universalism.

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