Taking the rest of the week off!

Hey Folks! This is Thomas, the founder, administrator, graphic designer, writer and editor of the I Am UU project. I pretty much do it all around here. And now I’m taking the rest of this week off. That means a lot of things won’t be done the usual way. It has been years since I was away from the page and website for more than a day. I appreciate your patience.

This Friday, my son is graduating Navy Basic Training in Chicago. My wife and I are taking a few days to enjoy the city, since we’re already paying for travel. This is our first vacation since our wedding a few years ago. (Y’all don’t need exact numbers, right?) I’m taking time to make sure that all of the other things I am responsible for are taken care of for the week.

Quotes will be schedule to go up every morning, as usual. I’ll throw in a few old favorites to keep the page looking inhabited for people passing by. I will be checking in on comments and shares but it will not be with the normal vigilance and speed, so please be kind to one another.

The I Am UU project hopes to make Unitarian Universalism easier to understand and share.We do that by breaking down the big ideas into smaller parts through quotes, graphics, and short essays. We rely on computers, software, and electricity to do the work. My participation in workshops, conferences, and training sessions allows me to keep improving and reaching deeper. My work on the I Am UU project, and that of the people I can talk into contributing,  is entirely volunteer. All the money I make goes into making the project better, more informative, or more efficient. All of that is provided by community support through Patreon. Our work is funded just like that of a lay-led congregation: the people who believe in our mission invest their money in making it possible. If you would like to join them, become a Patron.

Thank you for your understanding and support. I am proud of what we do here, together; I’m grateful that so many people feel called to live Unitarian Universalism every day, and to help invite others to join us. This community means so much to me, and I hope the responsibility I feel towards it comes through.

I am still trying to make my trip to General Assembly the most productive and least stressful for myself and my family. If you can spare just a few dollars, I would deeply appreciate your help. This will be my first general assembly!

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