Thomas’ Birthday Pledge Drive!

Do you find my ministry moving? Inspiring? Encouraging? Do you want even more of that?
There are 6 weeks until my Birthday and I am having a Patreon Member drive in celebration.
Patreon allows you to sponsor my ministry directly and make it possible for me to continue to make art, write thoughtful commentary, and to do community outreach and care. In return for your support, you also get more access to me, more inspirational posts, and (at higher levels) even stories, readings, or whole sermons ready to drop into worship at your congregation.
So much of what I do needs to be given freely in order to be helpful; no one is going to pay for access to a religious tradition they don’t already know about. Patreon lets the people who appreciate my work help me make it available to everyone.
And, since you can sign up for as little as a dollar, it matters that I have more people doing their small part rather than a few large pledges, making my ministry more stable. The goal is many people giving an amount they can afford over a longer time frame.
If you value what I do, either here on my own page or through the I Am UU project, please consider what you can afford to support me!

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