We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

The I Am UU project is in a bind, and we need your help. The short explanation is that we’ve had a computer fail at the worst time. It means that we will be publishing fewer new images and blog posts, though we are working to make sure that the Monday Meditation posts are ready well in advance of Monday morning. We are doing what we can, but this is a private ministry that gets no support or oversight from the UUA or any of its member congregations. The UUA doesn’t even like us on Facebook. We are proud of that independence and freedom to say unpopular things, and our voice only matters because so many UUs care about our calls for radical and missional liberal religion. You, as a fan of the page or subscriber to the blog, are the reason we can do any of this, and we need you to understand and exercise your power.

While we are trying to get back up to speed, we need you all to take a little extra time to like, comment, and share things to keep the content we publish in front of people. Otherwise, once we can make new graphics and write more posts, we won’t still have an audience paying attention.

If you see a good link, image, or find a quote that might be worth sharing, send it to us! We can’t feature every item, and we have a focus for the page, but almost anything UU related can be posted to the page, and we do encourage people to come to the page and check out what others are sharing.

Lastly, if you can spare any money from your own life, we ask you to consider what the I Am UU project and our support of Unitarian Universalist evangelism is worth to you and to the world at large. There are many ways to support the project, but I need you to do what you can right now.

This is a personal letter from me, the founder and administrator, to the community:

My name is Thomas Earthman. For those who don’t know, I am the person who runs the I Am UU project. I don’t do it alone, in that I have an amazing group of friends and contacts who keep me informed, engaged, and honest. They act as sounding boards, editors, and occasional contributors. I also have a list of supporters who help by making sure things get shared on social media, engaging with content to help spark conversations and show Facebook that our posts are important, and those very special few who are covering the expenses (like a mailbox, buying stock photos and fonts, and paying Facebook to show our fans our posts). With all of that, I still do 90% of the work most weeks, from research and writing to graphic design, to moderating the social media.

I also have two kids at home with special needs; they have a chronic and deteriorating vision problem, and the one who has the worst of that is also autistic. I know I am lucky that I get to stay home with them, and finding a local daycare that we could both afford and trust (especially one without a conservative religion backing them) would be a herculean task. I’m not saying this because I want or deserve your condolences, but to explain that the I Am UU project, being run from my home, seems like the best thing I can do for the world while still meeting the obligations of my family. I believe in the value of liberal religion that strongly.

My wife works at the local university. She’s not a tenured professor or a high-level administrator, so she doesn’t make a lot of money. We cover the bills and have a little leftover because she takes on additional hours as an adjunct instructor, in addition to her full-time job, adding a ton of stress and keeping her out of the house longer than we like.

I give you this background, not to invoke pity, but to explain how things got to where they are. We have been getting by on tax return money and the previously mentioned teaching, and doing alright. The semester is over, though, and our budget is very tight already. Now, we’ve lost a computer and all the software and files that it contained, which included most of our stock images, though some are backed up on another drive. We are not going to be able to produce the graphics and posts that we strive for at the same speed until we get this fixed.

Obviously, this puts the brakes on my quest to put time and money towards Religious Educator training. The I Am UU project comes first. We will be producing what we can, and I ask you all to give us a little extra love when you see one of our posts. If our “engagement” drops too much, then our posts will simply disappear from the newsfeeds of even our fans. (See link about Facebook above) We will be doing our best, and we hope you will stay with us.

June was an amazing month for the project, and in a way it makes sense that it ends like this, but we really want to hang on to the momentum as best we can. Making Unitarian Universalism easier to understand and share is an important mission. My friends and I don’t take it lightly. We know there are people out there who need to find a Unitarian Universalist congregation, and that doing so can change or even save lives. We know, because it has happened to some of us, and many more people keep telling us it happened to them. We have something wonderful, and the world needs to know about it. That is why the I Am UU project has gained so much traction, and why we are asking you to help us hang on to it, and to help us move forward in whatever way you can.

Comment and blog submission guidelines can be found here on the website,

We are also on Tumblr and Twitter, though we are doing a terrible job keeping up with multiple networks. Sorry.

You can pledge monthly support through Patreon (you can also ask Faithify when they will implement such a thing!)

And Thomas’ GoFundMe campaign accepts both monthly and one-time contributions towards his being able to train as a Religious Educator.

Finally, if you just want to help us get the computer working, you can send us a gift via Square Cash.

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