A Meditation on Being Overwhelmed

I have so much worry. I have so much trepidation and anxiety.

I have so much hope. I have so much love and compassion.

I have no idea how to turn those feelings, that energy, into solutions to the problems that we face.
I know where I want us all to get to, but I have no assurances about which next steps leads us from here to there.

I want to feel powerful in the face of tragedy, but instead, I feel small.

This is when community matters.

This is when covenant and commitment are most important.

This is when we come together, combine our strengths and shore up each other’s weaknesses to do something; together we can do something bigger than any of us can accomplish on our own. We are allowed to be fragile or imperfect, because we are not alone; we are not expected to be the whole solution.

We bring the energy of our feelings, and the community helps us to direct it towards building the world we want to live in.

I am overwhelmed, but I am not useless. I am small, but I am not unimportant.

I remember that I matter, and I can make a difference because I am not alone.

I believe this because I Am UU. We are meant for moments like these.

The I Am UU project is only possible because of the direct support of those who appreciate the work we do.

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