…and Happy Always

Every day can be a new beginning. Every day, you can choose to be your best self. In fact, that is the only way to be your best; you must choose repeatedly throughout each day. Whether you feel that you got it right yesterday or not, you can choose better each day, or even minute by minute.

Every day is an opportunity. That makes every day worthy of celebration, on the small scale. Not every day can be Christmas, or Samhain, or Diwali. Some days will always be more important because they mark events, whether historical or cyclical. Not every day can be a holiday, but every day can still be a holy day.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.

~ Albert Einstein,
as quoted in Journal of France and Germany (1942–1944) by Gilbert Fowler White

I don’t believe Einstein meant that every day was beyond human understanding or supernaturally inspired, mind you. Instead, he seemed to believe that wonder and a sense of the beauty of creation were vital to living a full life. Treating every day as if it were miraculous, even when nothing surprising happens, was good for you, causing you to pay more attention and to be grateful for the experiences. This is why Albert Einstein is one of my spiritual role models; his skepticism never overcame his sense of awe. To me, that seems like a virtue.

Whatever it is that you rely on for stability and comfort, whether it is deity or reason or some combination, I hope you will take a little time each day in the new year to celebrate a little more, even when there is no special cause. Just being able to make the best of the day, whatever your best looks like at the time, is reason to feel good.

The Beloved Community can only come about when we allow all people to celebrate whatever sings to their spirit. It can only exist if we care about every moment and making the most of it. Our vision of heaven, here on Earth, demands that we honor every day as a blessing and an opportunity, treating each one as holy and worthy of celebration.

Merry Everything, and Happy Always!

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