Monday Meditation: Choose Gratitude, Choose Joy

Personally, I was not sure about writing about Gratitude, again, because it is one that I’ve written about a few times in MM posts. Then, I decided that was proof that it was a topic worth coming back to. Gratitude is just that important!

Gratitude is a choice. It is how we choose to react to the world, and it changes how the world feels. We posted a link on Facebook last Tuesday (when the word was “Joy”) for a video that touches on that beautifully. Dr. Brené Brown tells Oprah Winfrey that joy can be terrifying to people, because they associate it with fear of losing the thing, or seeing the person injured, or otherwise having the source of joy taken from them. She points out that people who cultivate gratitude, instead, are more likely to allow themselves to be joyous and live that moment to its fullest. Choosing to react with gratitude changes how you process the event, and how much you let yourself enjoy it.

Gratitude, then, is a choice to take the most, the best, of situations in your life. When you make that choice, you get to see the best, first, and put the focus there. It doesn’t mean ignoring that bad things can happen, but putting them in perspective and not letting worry steal the moment. It is about being mindful that the joyous moment won’t last, and being in the moment while you can. It is about being thankful, not just to people, but to whatever spark began the chain of events that is your life, and knowing that the natural odds were against you, any of us, having lives at all, much less the capacity to enjoy them. Your very life, and all that happens in it, is an improbable blessing!

So, it seems to me like we could all benefit from building a habit of gratitude. It won’t happen all at once, but there is no deadline after which you have to give up. Every day that you wake up, you can choose to keep working on being in those moments, big or small, and being glad for them while they last.

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