Church Can Be Different

Church can be people who trust one another. Church can be people who accept and encourage each other. Church can be a place where it’s ok to be imperfect, and the effort counts for something. Church can be a place where we ask the important questions and admit to one another that we don’t know. Church can be a place where we comfort one another over the fact that there aren’t a lot of absolutes and we are all doing the best that we can, but we can all be encouraged to keep trying.

It can be bigger than Sundays. It can be bigger than a building. It can be bigger than the sum of its membership.

Church can be different. Unitarian Universalism can be the religion that makes that happen. It already does in so many of our congregations. All we have to do is embrace the fact that we are a religion, and that those important questions are ours to ponder. We need to welcome every person who comes through the doors, not as a potential member of the congregation but as a current member of the community the congregation is meant to serve.

Our churches can be different. Our churches are already pretty different. We should be proud of that, and we should want people to know.

If we believe in Unitarian Universalism and our Principles, we should want to share. We should want to grow to be that kind of church. We should want to include anyone who wants to make the commitment. It starts by being bold enough to let people know we are a different kind of church.

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