Each of Us Is a Minister

Each of us is a minister. Each of us has a message that can only be shared by one person.

Your voice matters in Unitarian Universalism, because a central point of our theology is that there is one tapestry of Humanity, and each of us is a vital thread in telling the story.

Our religion starts with you and your relationships and grows out from there. You may not be able to do all the things an ordained minister is expected to do, but you have a right and responsibility to do the things you can.

Someone needs to hear your story in order to feel welcome. Someone needs to see your smile to let them know they have a friend. Someone needs the gift of your talent or skill to make the shared space feel sacred. Your ministry matters, whatever you have to give, because you matter and each of us has things we do better than most and all of us have something to share that can only come from us.


We need you to be willing to say “I Am UU”

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If you find that the I Am UU project matters to you in your own ministry or to your congregation’s social media outreach, please consider giving a couple of dollars a month to support our work and help us be an even better resource. For more information, see our Patreon page.

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