Each Person is Important

The Universe is a tapestry woven of all the matter and energy and the patterns they exist in and create.

You are a complex and vital pattern, part of a bigger pattern of all humanity that is then woven into the greater fabric. The Universe would not be complete without you. And it is just so for every person you meet.

Each person is important

That is the version of the first principle of the UUA that our children often are taught.

We need every person at their best if we are going to be our collective best. We need to find a way to provide education and support general health and welfare. By supporting one another, we strengthen the tapestry and make it more vibrant. Encouraging one another, challenging and being challenged, lovingly and with respect, allows us all to be our best. We need that in this world, and we need it now.

Whatever your talent, the world needs your best. We need our artists to inspire us, our writers to show us new ideas and perspectives. We need our scientists to stay skeptical and diligent and for our politicians to be thoughtful and reasonable. The world needs every person empowered to contribute what they feel called to do for the world. It can be accomplished starting in communities, and eventually as a society. We can get there by building a more compassionate, just, and equitable world; a world where each and every person is important.

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