Merry Everything!

Between the first of November and the end of January, there are dozens of holidays and holy days, some major and some not, some with deep traditions and some that were created in the last century. None of them matters to everyone, and many of them matter a great deal to some.

Some people might not celebrate any day as “Holy”, but might still honor the solstice as celestial event or simply party for secular the New Year. We want to recognize those events as humanists and just as humans.

That is why we say, in this season of cold and stress, “Happy Holidays” to all people; because we don’t know what it is they celebrate, if they celebrate anything in particular at all. We can still wish them a whole season of happiness. Given the stress some feel because of those holidays, or even just the end of the year and the marking of the passage of time, we should be kind and thoughtful to every person we meet. We should wish them well on their journey, not just the journey we wish they were on.

Whatever it is that you rely on for stability and comfort, whether it is deity or reason or some combination, I hope you will take a little time each day in the new year to celebrate a little more, even when there is no special cause. Just being able to make the best of the day, whatever your best looks like at the time, is reason to feel good.

The Beloved Community can only come about when we allow all people to celebrate whatever sings to their spirit. It can only exist if we care about every moment and making the most of it. Our vision of heaven, here on Earth, demands that we honor every day as a blessing and an opportunity, treating each one as holy and worthy of celebration.

Merry Everything, and Happy Always!

If you believe that the world needs more justice and compassion, that people deserve love and acceptance, and that the I Am UU project does a good job of sharing those values, we need your support.

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