Having Hope in Hope

Destruction and chaos are simpler, faster, than coordination and creation. It takes moments to tear something apart compared to what it takes to build it. One person can do a tremendous amount of damage. But, for every person intent on doing that kind of harm, there are hundreds preparing to mitigate it; to control the damage and begin the recovery. We have so many more heroes than villains in this world. Things would fall apart so quickly otherwise, because while history has always tended towards justice and compassion. It wasn’t inevitable; it was because humans have a desire for progress and cooperation.

This is so important to remember.

In the Five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion by UU Theologian James Luther Adams, we are charged with actively working, with body, spirit, mind and wallet, to make good things happen in the world, because that is the only way to guarantee they ever will happen. We are also reminded that the roll of history shows us that people will keep working to make good things happen; they will demand more justice, more equality, and they are slowly becoming more compassionate as we recognize our similarity outweighs our apparent differences. We have every reason to be hopeful.

The entire span of human history tells us that there will always be more people working for the common good, even in small ways, and that the moral arc of the universe will always, though often subtly, bend towards justice. We just have to keep applying the right kind of pressure.

For those who would like a some lightweight science and data to help you justify your optimism, I refer you to Hank Green: Optimism is Not Insane.

Liberal religion has a vital place in making the world more just and compassionate. Unitarian Universalism helps people choose to be better. If you believe this ministry does a good job representing Unitarian Universalism, we need your support to keep doing so.

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