Love Moves Us: An Impetus for Progress

We are the Universe exploring itself; the remains of dead stars being reminded of their glory and living on into the future. We have reached a seemingly singular level of awareness and capacity for wonder, but that alone does not explain our success as a species.

Humanity is part of something which is bigger than the sum of its parts. We each define and experience that something differently, but the evidence is clear; love, compassion, and fairness do not belong to humanity alone and exist in other species and the larger world. These are forces which have enabled humanity to thrive, but they are not endemic to any one race, or our species. Whatever that force is that engenders love and community, it existed before us and extends to many other branches of the animal kingdom.

Whatever its origins and however we are bound to it, there is a power in the universe that is beyond our conscious creation, passed down through us from generations past to generations yet to be. We do not own it; we cannot own it, nor be owned by it. Because of that force, though, we are all partners; our success depends on companionship and community. That is how we moved from open savanna to caves. It is how clans became cities and shared resources became farms. All human progress has been communal, building on shared insight and discovery.

Love Moves Us!

In very real terms, Love moves us. It guides us to build and to defend. It inspires us to rush towards danger to save one another; to work to rebuild what has been destroyed, even when it wasn’t ours. Compassion, empathy, and mercy have motivated some of the greatest inventions, discoveries, and deeds, from the creation of medicines to the formation of governments.

Human history is the history of dust becoming a planet, a planet coming to life, and life becoming aware of its limits and potential. It is a history fraught with bad guesses and divisive actions, but we have moved, century by century, towards understanding and inclusion. It has taken effort, and it always will, but that power calls us. If we listen, we will continue to advance. We are always better together.


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