A Meditation on a New Year:

Today marks the start of a whole new year; one with no imperfections, mistakes, or failures in it. Today, you can choose to be your best self for the entire year, and probably succeed, at least for a little while. The thing to remember, with any resolution, is that you have to make the choice again every day, even after a slip up.

It may well be that none of us can be our best selves all the time. It certainly isn’t always easy. That makes it all the more important to remember that every single breath we take is an opportunity to recommit ourselves to the thoughts and actions we believe in. We don’t have to wait for calendar milestones and if we stumble within the week, that is only failure if we don’t choose to keep trying.

Failure is an expected result in trying to learn something new, whether it is a skill or a habit. In most situations, though, only we can declare ourselves defeated; defeat isn’t one bad attempt or even thirty. True defeat is failure to examine out attempt, learn from our mistakes and do better. True defeat is giving up.

And sometimes, we are defeated. Sometimes the right thing to do is give up and move our energy to something else. Done mindfully and with purpose, it can be very freeing.

Whatever your goals and resolutions for the new year, we wish you strength and stamina in seeing them through.


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