Sacred Doubt

From time to time, we make an effort to point out that Unitarian Universalism is an agnostic religion. We not only don’t claim to have “The Truth”, but we have made it a Principle of our Association that each person be free to responsibly seek truth and meaning in their own lives, aided, guided, but not dictated to, by the congregation. This is a fundamental part of what it means to be UU.

We not only admit that we do not have all the answers, we openly question the answers provided. We welcome new insight, information, and points of view. Ours is a living religion, not bound up by tradition and scripture. We take in the wisdom of the world, ancient and cutting edge alike, to help us to be our best in creating the kind of loving, just community we aspire to.

A willingness to listen with an open mind, and to respond to questions is part of our commitment to encourage spiritual growth. It is vital that we not tie our ego up in ideas, such that our beliefs become labels rather than ideas. It is important that we take them out and examine them, to be sure that they are still healthy and vibrant. Let’s make a sacred practice of doubt and exploration. In the words of Rev. Christine Robinson,

“So let’s cherish our doubts. They not only lead to larger truth, but they make us wise, keep us humble, and allow us to live together in love.”

as quoted in “Sources of Our Faith: Inspirational Readings” from Skinner House



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