Monday Meditation: Acceptance and Encouragment

Accepting one another means accepting the person who shows up. (It also includes accepting yourself!)

Encouragement to spiritual growth means understanding that we all have a past, and that what we have learned from it says more about us than the details of what happened. We are defined by our choices, and each time we are presented a choice, we have the chance to remake ourselves for better or worse. What happened to a person last year, no matter how good or bad, is less indicative of who they are now than what they have learned and done since. If they made bad choices, we can encourage them to change those behaviors. If they choose to make those changes, we should honor the person they have become and forgive, if not forget, their past.

You can accept who they (or you) are without validating all they (or you) have done. You can love the person who is on the journey, regardless of where it has taken them, by encouraging them to choose wisely now and in the future. When people want to do better and improve their impact on the world, that needs to be nurtured, no matter who they are. This is what our congregations have pledged to do.

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