Admitting Ignorance, Embracing Discomfort

“What’s important about liberal religion is that you and I don’t have to pretend to believe what we don’t believe.”
~ Rev. Peter Morales.

If we are honest about what makes Unitarian Universalism, or liberal religion in general, both different from the mainstream and vibrant to our adherents, it has to include the fact that ours is an agnostic faith. We each have our own interpretation of the world based on our experience, but we recognize the limits of that experience, and we know that other people may have very different experiences. Our personal relationship with the universe (and its possible creator{s}) is not the same relationship our neighbors have. We celebrate, rather than fear, the diversity of human experience, and we know that we, as individuals and as a species, have a lot to learn. Our way isn’t the right way for everyone. Our truth is never absolute or final; not everyone can accept that as a religious position. Some people are uncomfortable without absolutes. We strive for truth over comfort.

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