Monday Meditation: Each Life is a First-Person Narrative

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that people are defined by their choices; who you are is not defined by what happens to or around you but in how you respond to those events. You write your story; you are the author, the narrator, and the main character. You choose your path between, around or over the obstacles put in your way, and while we cannot see into your head or heart, we choose not to judge you for those circumstances that are outside of your control, but to see the person you are trying to be and to encourage and assist you in becoming your best.

Bad things will happen to us all, but we reject that they must be punishment for some character flaw. We reject that there is a vengeful force behind every illness or mishap. We reject that your birth should dictate your place in society or limit what you can achieve. You choose your path through life, choosing from the available options, and our place as a faith community is to help make it easier to choose love over fear and cooperation over competition.

This means that we must each take ownership of our lives and our fate, but equally that we must allow others the right to do the same, and to remember that they may not have felt they could choose every option we wish they had chosen, and we owe it to them to try to understand why and how we can help them choose better in the future.

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