Words With (UU) Friends

We use religious language on the I Am UU page. We also talk candidly about our humanist source, and how all the theology in the world is debatable and ultimately futile without thoughtful action to back it up. People have been upset by each of these. This is to be expected. We welcome discussion and constructive feedback, and we are willing, but unlikely, to change either of these practices.

Since we each construct our own relationship with the universe and the interdependent web of all existence, there will always be some translation needed between Unitarian Universalists. They will use the same word to mean different things; they will use different words to mean roughly the same things. We don’t have the shared stories that build vocabulary and shared narrative, or use those we do have as well as we could. (That is a topic for another day)

So, this week, we ask you to remember that wherever Unitarian Universalists gather, we gather in love and respect. We don’t need to allow ourselves to be bullied or dismissed, but we are obliged to assume the best in one another, and work to understand each other and translate as needed to keep us all on the same team. The effort will either broaden your own construct, make it deeper, or at least more stable. Until someone proves they are not operating from a place of love and respect, our Principles call on us to assume ignorance, frustration, or miscommunication rather than hostile intent. As long as out focus is on our shared goals and our shared foundation, the details will not hurt us.

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