T-Shirt Evangelism: Wearing Your Faith Openly

To “Wear you heart on your sleeve” is to make your emotions, however raw, visible and to leave yourself exposed. If you say, “I am putting on my chairperson’s hat”, we all know that you are going to assume the responsibility of your position and advocate for the cause or the process used to make decisions. In short, to “wear” something in our culture is to advocate for it or to share it openly and honestly.

That is what we are asking you to do with your faith and your religious community: wear them for all the world to see. Wear them as an invitation. Wear them as a conversation starter. Wear them as a reminder of our aspirational Principles and our commitment to a better world. Be proud of your faith and your community and be willing to answer questions. Be ready to make invitations.

Literally “wearing” your faith, by means of a  t-shirt or jewelry, is a non-confrontational, non-aggressive way to invite conversations. It also helps remind you of your commitments and aspirations in the world.

T-shirt evangelism is an easy place to start wearing your faith openly and giving people an idea of what it means to be Unitarian Universalist. It changes how people think of us, or invites them to do so for the first time. Just going about your normal day, trying to be your best self, while proclaiming your UU affiliation could tell someone more than they’ve ever known about Unitarian Universalism before. Sharing a smile, holding a door, or otherwise just being a decent person might be enough to get someone to type “Unitarian” or “Universalist” into a search engine.

So, be proud of your chosen faith, and continue working to make it more vibrant and more influential. Help make Unitarian Universalism a movement to be proud of. Then, go out and show your pride. Let others know that there is a community in their area that welcomes them; their whole self, exactly as they are.

The I Am UU project is a crowdfunded, grass-roots effort to help you proudly and confidently tell the world “I Am UU”. We rely on the community that appreciates and uses our work to keep creating writing and art. If you value this work, please consider becoming a Patron with a small monthly pledge through Patreon.

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