Unitarian Universalism is a Force in the World

Unitarian Universalism is a force capable of making the world better.

Most importantly, it is a force with the power to change lives and save people. That makes the world better.

Telling people that they are loved and empowering them to love the world makes it better.

Teaching religion in a way that encourages exploration and tolerance of other ways of thinking inoculates people against fundamentalism. That makes the world better.

Giving people a vision of the future where there is more and more justice and compassion inspires hope. That makes the world better.

Building communities based on shared goals and values rather than shared dogma and creed allows communities that welcome the whole person, as they are and as they will be. That makes the world a better place.

We have inherited this force and we are its stewards. It is up to us to choose how much energy to give it to do all of these things. We choose its scope and its reach and its budget and its priorities. It does not belong to us, but we are responsible for it and to it; it grows or fades out based on our involvement and commitment.

We, collectively, have a powerful force capable of changing the world for the better. The more people who share that responsibility, the more energy there is to do the work with. The more we invite people in and help them take up responsibility for our movement, the more good we have already done, and the more we are going to do.

Unitarian Universalism is a force capable of making the world better, and we are its eyes and ears, its hands, and its heart. Let us shoulder that responsibility, together, and do good in the world.

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