What We Stand for: Defining “Missional, Evangelical Unitarian Universalism”

We’ve gained a few new people, and we’ve lost about the same number over on Facebook in the last week. That’s ok. We are finding our people.Like Unitarian Universalism, our message isn’t going to appeal to everyone. The I Am UU project is unapologetic in advocating for evangelism and outreach in line with out Unitarian Universalist Principles. We use religious language, and we promote good works as a way of creating the Beloved Community here on Earth, one neighborhood at a time if need be.

We want to remind everyone that the point of this page is to encourage Unitarian Universalists to actively affirm and promote our Principles in the world, through living out your congregations’ mission in your life and by letting people know how your faith affects you and how your community supports you. The first is our simplified definition of Missional Unitarian Universalism, and the second is the kind of Evangelism that we promote. Manifest good things in your community and let it be known that your actions are part of your spiritual practice, and we will get the kind of attention we need.

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If we do this, we will find those people who need a loving community, and Unitarian Universalism will grow strong and vibrant, even if it is never embraced by a large percentage of people. Our religion takes work and commitment, and it isn’t going to just hand people the answers they seek. It isn’t everyone who wants what we have to offer, but we need to make ourselves more visible to those who do. If we wear our Flaming Chalice to the food pantry, it will be seen by the volunteers who are doing the same work and by the community, some of whom might need a loving and accepting community to lean on for encouragment and personal growth.

People don’t have to convert to Unitarian Universalism for our work to have meaning. Even if they never “sign the book”, we make the world a better place every time someone adopts some personal translation of even one of our Principles where they had not previously done so. Any time we have inspired someone to believe that every person should be treated with dignity, or to work towards a democratic process that gives every person a voice, we have made the world a better place. As Rev. Joanna Fontain Crawford said in her video on the intersection of “missional church” and Unitarian Universalism, “we do seek to transmit our religious faith through the relationships we create and the service that we do.” And that is all we ask of you.

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