Saturday Writing Challenge: Why Did You Stay?

Unitarian Universalism isn’t a race or a species; no one is actually born a UU.

We all came to Unitarian Universalism at some point. We came for various reasons, whether we were truly seeking or just curious. A precious few have been coming all their lives. A lot of people have come to visit, and many, likely most, at some point stopping coming.

There was a time when each Unitarian Universalist made the choice to be a Unitarian Universalist. We chose to apply that label to ourselves, maybe eventually joining a congregation, maybe just because people will ask what your religion is and this is the one you feel good about naming.

The prompt for today isn’t about why you came or where you came from, though those may be important to your personal answer; today we ask what were the major factors in staying once you got here. Why did you go from just a person who showed up to a Unitarian Universalist?


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