Saturday Writing Challenge: Words of Love

As you have heard, if you are an active member of the I Am UU community, Monday is a holiday. Esther day, to be exact, which is a day created by a teenager who was losing her fight with cancer as how she wanted her birthday to be celebrated by friends after she passed.

Esther Day is a day to celebrate love in all its non-romantic, non-erotic forms. As author John Green puts it, “I think of Esther Day as a kind of Valentine’s Day for all the other kinds of love.”

The way you participate is by telling people you love them. No flashy display. No grand gestures. Those are against the spirit of the day. This a day to put love into words, no matter how awkward it feels, and tell people that they matter. Tell them that they have made a difference in your life. And that is today’s challenge.

Write a love letter to a friend. That person you thought of just then, no matter how strange it will feel. Tell them, in words, that they are loved. If you feel up to it, write another; there is no upper limit to this one. My hope is that each of you gets one such letter, if not this year, then next, and every year after.

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