SWC: Are You a Person of Faith?

This Saturday, we challenge you to answer two questions for us, with as long or as short a reply as you like. If you reply in your own blog or another social media platform, please comment here with a link. If you reply on Facebook, please tag the @IAmUUPage in your post so that we can see your answer.

This week, we want to know if you consider yourself a person of faith, and if so, what do you place your faith in. Obviously, there are no right answers to this. We hope to learn more about our community and maybe to start a conversation.

For those who don’t know, we ask each person to sign in and register with an email address or some social media account to identify you by. If you have never made a comment before, your comment will require approval just to ward off spam and trolls. Please be patient, as we don’t have “staff”, and comments will have to wait for a volunteer to be available for approval. If you would like your comment to be anonymous, you can email us and we will post it for you.

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