Mission: Who we are.

The “I Am UU” project is a community of Unitarian Universalists who strongly believe Unitarian Universalism, and liberal faith in general, are good for the human race, and need a voice in public discussion.

Our mission: to help Unitarian Universalists live out their liberal faith openly, confidently, and with conviction and to aid them in affirming and promoting our shared Principles, considering them in our personal decision-making and daily lives and sharing them in an effort to show others that they are positive guidelines for living together on this ever more connected planet.

The I Am UU project is a private, crowd-funded ministry that encourages people to affirm and promote the Principles of the UUA in their daily lives and in their community because we believe they make good guidelines for sharing the Earth with one another. We are not sponsored, edited, or endorsed officially by the UUA or any member congregation.

This is a place to discuss the unique topic of UU Evangelism. We can reach out and share our 7 principles in any situation, and to any person, regardless of their politics, lifestyle, or philosophies. We don’t need them to be like us; we only ask them to want to make a positive difference in the lives they touch.

The “I Am UU” Project is devoted to helping start conversations about Unitarian Universalism, our Principles, our reliance on many sources of wisdom, and our desire to make the world a better place. We welcome your insights and constructive comments on any and all posts, and we gladly take suggestions for quotes, links, and even art to share on the page.

We use religious language here. Not everyone is comfortable with that, and we acknowledge your right to clarify or respectfully ask for clarification of our intent. We share quotes from many different sources, looking for wisdom and points of agreement with spiritual, political, and moral leaders of all sorts. We also share historical quotes as they were said or written; we do not alter them to be politically correct. The march towards justice and love has been long, and this project honors our progress by acknowledging the changes in language and attitude we have achieved.

The primary focus is social media, where we post quotes, links, and sharable images. We invite conversation and we try to help congregations and UU groups to reach more people with their social media. Our current projects include the I Am UU Facebook page, the Seven and 5 Tumblr Blog, and an as of yet unnamed YouTube project that is still in the works.

We also offer real-world merchandise via Cafe Press, to help spark conversations at the store, the library, at work or on campus. The items are offered at low mark-up, and the profits go to the artists who created the images for us.

We practice what we call the “free keyboard and the free monitor”; no one is required to agree with everything we post, and you are absolutely allowed to discuss your views respectfully in the comments. Our goal is to start conversations, and our volunteers don’t always agree on the items posted, either, but we think they deserve consideration.

Terms of use for images we publish can be found on the “Original Image Use” page.

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