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Gratitude as a Spark

Gratitude is a decision to focus on the best of a situation. When you make that choice, you see the best first. It doesn’t mean ignoring that bad things do happen; it is about putting them in perspective and not letting worry steal the moment.

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The Choice to be Grateful

In spite of what you might read in up-lifting memes and blogs, Happiness is not always just a thought away. Happiness and sadness are reactions. Some of us have a lot of trouble accessing Happiness moment to moment. Gratitude, though, is a choice. It is an option in how we choose to react to the […]

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Monday Meditation: Choose Gratitude, Choose Joy

Personally, I was not sure about writing about Gratitude, again, because it is one that I’ve written about a few times in MM posts. Then, I decided that was proof that it was a topic worth coming back to. Gratitude is just that important! Gratitude is a choice. It is how we choose to react […]

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