You and Your Ministry

Ministry can be anything that supports the mission of the congregation.  Everything from reading the welcoming and asking people to silence their phones to weeding the flower bed can be ministry. If it is fulfilling to you and meets a need for the congregation, you have a ministry. And your ministry matters.

Someone needs to hear your story in order to feel welcome. Some new face needs to see your smile to let them know they have a friend. There is a person who needs the gift of your talent or skill to make the shared space feel sacred.

Your ministry matters, whatever you have to give, because you matter and each of us has things we do better than most. Each of us has something to share that can only come from us.

We respect your worth, your dignity, and your full participation at whatever level you are comfortable with and capable of. The congregation is made of individuals working together, pledging their time, talents, and resources to a common goal. Your ministry is your stewardship of those shared resources towards that goal. And your ministry is indispensable.

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