Unitarian Universalism Is Not…

Unitarian Universalism is not a religion of tolerance.We do not tolerate the stranger, the heretic, or the outcast; we accept them, welcome them, invite them in. Tolerance is too low a bar. Even those with whom we adamantly disagree, we seek understanding and peace.

It is not, as it is sometimes portrayed, an individualistic religion. We come together to affirm the value of each of us, even when we doubt our own. We discuss big questions, and we listen to each other’s experiences to form better answers than we could create on our own. We search for our own meaning and truth, in the same way that we cannot all be plumbers, teachers, or ministers; but we recognize that our truth is always a facet of humanity, and that we need each other to find wholeness.

We are not a religion of perfection. We set our hopes high, because we aspire to be our best, but we know that we cannot be our best every day, in every situation. We will fail, and we will be sorry, and we will seek to learn from our failure, and we will be forgiven and move on. That is part of the covenant we make to each other; the relationship on which our communities are built. We agree to keep trying, and that we forgive failures made along the way.

Unitarian Universalism requires a lot of its adherents, more than some other religions, and certainly a different set of expectations. It is a religion of choice, where each of us, no matter when we learned about Unitarian Universalism, are asked to question our beliefs, our involvement, and our commitments and chose to be Unitarian Universalists.

Thank you all for your support of the I Am UU project. We are grateful for the connections we have made and that we have facilitated. Know that we love this work, and we are thankful to those of you who make it possible by commenting, liking, sharing, and especially to those who have supported us financially. You are all invited to join our Facebook group and share your stories, links, and images and look over what others have shared. If you appreciate the work we do, please consider supporting us. Whether you can give a couple of dollars or a couple of dollars a month, you’ll help us continue to grow and help share Unitarian Universalism with more people.

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