Our prompt this week comes from Mariah Sheehy, a.k.a. Caelesti:

I think being [Uintarian Uinviersalist] means something a little different to each individual & congregation. Part of this is due to all the different paths we follow. I’m a polytheist- sometimes I debate how well that fits in w/ a UU context, but I’m working on how the philosophy & theology intersects. I’d be interested in how others do this- what does it mean to be a UU Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, etc.? Or if you simply identify as UU, what is your person vision of UUism?

So, do you connect strongly with a particular source? If you use a modifier when you talk about your religion, do you put it before or after the UU; “I’m a UU-Christian” or “I’m a Christian-UU”? Answer in the comments, or share a link to your answer if you choose to post it elsewhere so that we can all share the page views!

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